Kelaparambu Family is one of the oldest families in Kerala started centuries before and handed over time from each generations, the tradition of the family. The formation of family rolls back to AD. 50 when St. Thomas, disciple of Jesus came to Kerala to preach Christianity. Our forefathers were one among the families who embraced Christianity at its inception period and follow the paths of Christ. This tradition of fear in God and uniqueness have been followed all these years till now where the family still stay unique for help and support for each other. First seek God and his kingdom. Then you will get everything clutching on the promisal of God one of our hard working fore fathers came to Chengannoor from Nilackal and settled there. Obeying the order of the king one of his descendants migrated to Ambalapuzha (now known as Vadackakam in Kuttanadu Taluk) and settled there. Because of his hard working nature and blessing of God he got the special affection of the king and he settled his eldest son in Kelaparambu. Respecting the insistence of the king of Kayamkulam he sent his second son as the faithful servant of the king. The head of the family who settled in Kelaparambu became the owner of the properties and titles got by his father from the king of Chembakssery. The number of members and wealth increased and the family is divided into several branches and they were migrated to different parts of Kerala. They are belonging to different parishes and sabhas. If this short family site help to lead the future generation in the right path and to conduct family congregations and to unite them and know each other, we will be grateful to God.

     This site will help in uniqueness of the present and future generations of Kelaparambu Family and help them to keep in touch with all their relatives in this world where relations are being cut and torn apart with no value kept for relation and family. Special thanks rendered for President, Secretary, and all committee members of Family Meet which we used to conduct on 26th January of every year. 

Dear Family Members, 
Happy to inform that our brother Ajay T Oommen will be ordinated to Priest position on 11th June, 2011 ( 7.30 AM ) at St. Johns Marthoma Church, Thalavady.

                 As an effort to develop our kudumbayogam, our first meeting of the youth for the year 2011 was conducted at Alex Mathew's Residence, South Thalavady on               
         June 04, 2011 presided by Family meeting President, Fr. Mathew koshy and guided by Dn. Shaun Mathew.
     Please visit the Facebook group or click here to view the meeting photos.

Kelaparambu family extends its thanks and credit for the creation, support and maintenance of this site to:

  • Fr. V T John for guidance and support.
  • Mr. Bob Nainan Karikottu for support, finance and help.
  • Mr. Philip V A (Varathrapallathu) for his help and management.
  • Mr. Mathai Oomen (Kochumon, Varathrapallathu) for his help and support.
  • Mr. Alex Mathews Karikottu for his help and support
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